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"The Vow - An Irish Wedding Celebration" MP3's


Originally recorded in 1998, this classic CD hosts some of the finest stars in the constellation of Irish music on both sides of the Atlantic, including aCeltic Wedding.com founder Áine Minogue; Lughnasa piper, Cillian Vallely; ten-time all-Ireland fiddle Champion, Seamus Connolly; Barry and Shelley Phillips; and the Arden String Quartet.

"Listeners who are already married will be both charmed and moved by this romantic CD and those who are getting married -you've lucked out -buy it." CELTIC BEAT

This recording captures a moment in time when two people come together, like the two hands surrounding the heart on the traditional Irish Claddah ring. Two lives become one with the sharing of a few simple words. The Vow.

All the sheet music, together with lyrics and even phonetic for the Gaelic songs are available here.

"The Vow - An Irish Wedding Celebration" MP3's Lyrics

NOTE: Many of these tunes will be scattered through other play lists. However, if you would like a very "Irish" Playlist, this is probably the one for you. You can read the original liner notes here.

1. Fig For a Kiss 3:23 vocal sung in Gaelic - fun, upbeat

2. Celtic Melody 3:30 harp, oboe and cello, a lovely Scottish melody.

3. Rose of Allendale 5:43 (featuring Lisa on Vocals) - an unapologetically nostalgic Irish love song!

4. Give Me Your Hand 3:01, a truly authentic Irish tune that is often played at weddings in the true spirit of love, community, friendship and forgiveness; played in the style of the Chieftains featuring the pipes.

5. The Edge of The White Rock (Bruach na Carraige Báine) 5:03. A beautiful love song from County Kerry festuring the singing of Alasdair Halliday (Brook nah kari-ig-aah bawn-ah)

6. Processional 3:52 (featuring piano & pipes, Lindsay & Cillian) The original 'processional.'

7. The Palatine's Daughter 2:37 (featuring Seamus Connolly, fiddle and the Arden String Quartet. This has the feeling of a horse and carriage pulling up to the reception - very upbeat and festive....

8. Eibhlín A Rún 3:00 (featuring Lisa Mosciatello, vocal)(i-lean ah rune) Known as the "Queen of Irish love songs," this beautiful, plaintive melody is often sung unaccompanied and can sound unusual to modern ears.

9. The Fair Haired Youth 5:02 (featuring Cillian Vallely, Low D whistle). If you liked that Irish whistle sound on the Titanic, this is for you - lovely and meditative.

10. The Irish Girl (An Cailín Gaelach) 2:31 (un kohl-een gale-uck ) A sweet love song sung in Gaelic.

11. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms 3:07 (featuring Lindsay O'Donovan, piano) Nostalgic drawing room feel.

12. An Chúilfhionn 4:53 (featuring Skip Healy, flute) (un kool-uhn) One of Ireland's most popular slow airs; very meditative.

13. Sliabh Na mBan 2:25 (featuring Skip Healy, flute) (s'leave nah -mon) A very popular old-fashioned waltz from County Tipperary.

14. Haste to the Wedding 2:15 A well known tune much associated with weddings and reflecting the rush of preparation for the big day. Think John Wayne and the "Quiet Man." In fact, it was probably in the movie!

GOOD NEWS! All the sheetmusic for this album is available in PDF downloadable form, either as a book or individually. Check out our extensive Sheetmusic Section.


Áine Minogue: vocals, Irish harp, percussion
Seamus Connolly: fiddle
Paul Groff: concertina, accordion
Barry Phillips: cello
Shelley Phillips: cor anglaise
Randy Roos: guitar, soundscape
Alasdair Halliday: harmony vocals
Lisa Moscatiello: lead vocal
Lindsay O'Donovan: piano
Arden String Quartet
Bruno Raberg: bass
Cillian Vallely: pipes and whistles, low whistle
Sheldon Mirowicz: acoustic and nylon string guitars
Brian Meyers: bass bodhran
Laurel Martin: fiddle
Rohan Gregory: fiddle
Skip Healy: flute
Jimmy Noonan: Irish flute

All tracks published by Little Miller Music (BMI) for Aine Minogue

(c) Aine Minogue & aCelticWedding.com

"The Vow - An Irish Wedding Celebration" MP3's
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Fig For a Kiss
Celtic Melody
Rose of Allendale
Give Me Your Hand
The Edge of the White Rock
The Palatine's Daughter
Eibhlin a Run
The Fair Haired Youth
The Irish Girl
Believe Me If All those....
An Chuilfhionn
Sliabh na mBan
Haste to the Wedding

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